Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How To Raise Good Christian Children

Many women have asked me how they can raise their children in a proper Christian way. The list below is advice I've compiled after careful thought and research on how to best raise a boy in today's world.

1. Schooling. Boys should be schooled separately from girls in a military style institution with male, Christian teachers. Courses should lean heavily toward math and finance. If you can afford boarding school, you will never regret it, they make the children feel like they are at home. Some boarding schools will even keep the kids over holidays and breaks, in order to instill in them an even deeper sense of belonging.

2. As we can never catch all the bad, nasty things a young boy will do, it's best to beat him pre-emptively on a daily basis. Spare the rod and spoil the child. A few swats on the backside each morning with a hairbrush will keep him in line. This is not discipline as you are not punishing the child for a specific offense so it is fine for a woman to do on her own.

3. Curfews. Curfews are important as they teach a child discipline and responsibility. A curfew of 8:00 pm on weekdays and 8:30 pm weekends is proper for boys under 16. For boys over that age, it's best to use your own judgement. As long as they are out in a group in public, a curfew of 9:30 on the weekend is acceptable.

4. Friends. YES YOU CAN CHOOSE HIS FRIENDS! And not only can you, you SHOULD! Nothing will influence a teenage boy more than the company he keeps. Any boy with long hair, ripped jeans or a leather jacket is an obvious bad choice for your son to have as a friend. But be aware that some "clean cut" children are not Christian and have not been raised in a Christian home. Who knows what kind of depraved morals lurk beneath their boy-next-door exterior. For that reason it's best to choose his friends from among the congregation at your church. That way you can be sure that his parents have raised him with proper values.

5. Entertainment. If you have a good church, this should be no problem. Many churches have after school programs that cater to the entertainment needs of young Christians. Ask at yours! Young boys have lots of energy, so sports teams are a great way for them to keep in shape, burn off their teenage frustration and bond with other males through the age old ritual of competition. Skateboarding is not a sport. Neither is Dungeons and Dragons. Video games should be kept to a minimum and should never contain any kind of violence unless it is a game put out by the U.S. Armed Forces. Movies should be screened for sex, violence and content before they watch them, by either yourself or someone at your church.

6. Dating should be with a mind toward marriage. Too many young men these days ruin their lives by impregnating the town slut. There is no need for young boys to experiment with sex before marriage. The best way to make sure your son doesn't become a teen father is to simply not allow dating. When he reaches 16, it is ok to introduce your son to a church-run teen social club so that he may become aquainted with some suitable young girls in the area. Make sure the club is fully chaperoned and don't hesitate to step in and help out if it's not.

7. Music. Rap is a definite no-no. Children are impressionable and the rap industry is geared toward turning your sons into women-hating, mysoginist ho-masters. If you hear your son using terms like, "word to your mother", or "chill", it's a good indication he has been listening to rap music. Don't be swayed by arguments such as "rap is mainstream" because it's not. Just because children are turning into little thug bastards at such a rate they are beginning to be the majority does NOT make it mainstream. Rap these days is nothing more than criminals bragging about how much money they made off of your children and how many asses they've capped. It will rot your child's brain.

Acceptable music is classical, big band, and any music with Christian in the label.

8. Clothing and accesories. Baggy clothing that exposes a boy's bottom is NEVER acceptable. Baseball hats off the baseball diamond are NEVER acceptable. Baggy sweaters, no. Bling, no. Cellphones should be limited to the walkie-talkie type with preset numbers programmed by you, otherwise he may begin dealing drugs.

9. Behavior: As the old saying goes, children should be seen and not heard. Young boys are notorious slouchers and fidgeters and this should be curbed at an early age. Boys have a natural aversion to keeping clean, make sure that your son showers at least once a day, brushes and flosses his teeth regularly and washes before every meal. It is important to make your son dress properly for dinner and church as it will make him comfortable in a suit. Proper manners should be stressed at all times, especially at the dinner table and in front of strangers. A first impression is a lasting impression. Children should never interrupt their elders and should always show respect. Running in church is disrespectful to God as is giggling in the pew or fighting with siblings. Rules should be stressed in ways to instill the fear of God into the child, remind him God is watching him at all times and make up a few stories about bad little boys who disobeyed their parents.

10. Punishment. Punishment should always be carried out by the father. In cases of single mothers who have no willing ex to help out, until you are re-married to a real Christian, have an uncle or other male relative or close friend step in. Never try to discipline a boy yourself, the humiliation is something he should never have to deal with as a man.

11. Religious Instruction. When your son reaches an age where he begins to ask serious questions about God and Jesus, you will have to refer him to his father, or in cases where that is impossible, a trusted older male relative, close friend or church member. Get him involved in Bible study and Sunday school. Remember, the values you have instilled in him now will last a lifetime.

So ladies, I hope that you'll find this advice helpful. I'll be writing a (much longer) list on how to raise good Christian girls in the near future. So in the meanwhile, get started on those boys!

Edited to add:

The internet for other than school work should be forbidden, email should NEVER be allowed and ALL internet use should be monitored. The reasons for this should be self-explanatory.


At 19/4/06 11:37 AM, Blogger Shai said...

Wow! Thanks Annie! Great tips. :)

At 19/4/06 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mention Classical music. Is this to suggest that we should allow music composed during what is now known as the Classical music era? This would exclude Baroque composers, such as J.S. Bach, Pachelbel, and Vivaldi, as well as much more recent composers like Rachmaninoff and Copland. Are we limited to composers like Mozart, Brahms, and Beethoven, or are you just including all orchestral music under the blanket label of "Classical" music?

I've noticed that Baroque music, especially the works of J.S. Bach and Handel (roughly from the mid 1600s,) were more often written for the very purpose of giving grace to God, as opposed to some of the works of more recent composers (such as those from the late 1700s.)

At 19/4/06 6:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am no saint. I am not even close to someone who may very well be considered christian however am far from some hyprocrital, blind-eyed person who goes about commenting on that which he knows nothing about however this is truly horrid.

Fear is all that is needed to raise a good child. Will is what strives a child to become their own entity and should they become their own then they would simply fail. Breaking a child's will, instilling an unwavering sense of fear would be all that one needs to create a good child.

Note how I say create, not raise.

Although some parents use alcoholism as a catalist to beat their children into submission and others use verbal assaults to work on them mentally instead, I think that using god is the most humane of them all. What better way to destroy any sense of self-worth then to assure a child god will punish them for being anything but a sheep.

However the parent is not god. The parent is not some divine messiah, not some holy messenger to deliver these godly words. The child would have to find god themselves, alone, and then they would be able to be 'raised' in the right accordance.

The bottom line of it all is simply this:

Parents are not god. Any christian parent who feels they have the right to play their god's role will surely burn in hell's fire.

Further more, what sooner to drive a child mad then to fill their head with fear and paranoia.

At 22/4/06 2:41 AM, Anonymous Linden said...

I want to believe this is a joke. I came here yesterday and saw the "How to be a good Christian wife" article. It amused and annoyed me in equal measure, but didn't move me to comment.

But this is different. It is about children. Forgive me for being impolite, but it reads like a manual on how to ruin your child's mental health.

Boys should be schooled separately from girls in a military style institution with male, Christian teachers. Courses should lean heavily toward math and finance.

There is no thought here as to where the boy's natural aptitudes lie. What if he has the potential to be a brilliant writer? Artist? Shouldn't a parent be striving, to the best of his or her ability, to provide a rich and varied education for the child, to discover what he likes best? Specialization can come later.

As we can never catch all the bad, nasty things a young boy will do, it's best to beat him pre-emptively on a daily basis.

Now this struck me as reprehensible. Putting aside all arguments (and there are many) against hitting your children, would this not totally confuse him as the meaning behind cause and effect? Let me clarify with an example: a boy does something bad and gets scolded. He knows he got scolded for doing something bad. He will avoid doing whatever he did. Your son wakes up to a beating in the morning. It has no meaning, he hasn't done anything yet. The punishment is unavoidable. There is absolutely no incentive for him to avoid doing "the bad, nasty things a young boy will do". What if he's as good as gold that day? You've hurt him for no reason. What if he is sick in bed? Will you drag him out and administer a beating? I assume not. I *really* hope not.

Video games should be kept to a minimum and should never contain any kind of violence unless it is a game put out by the U.S. Armed Forces.

How about a game where you're a parent and you are punishing your son pre-emtively?

Dating should be with a mind toward marriage. Too many young men these days ruin their lives by impregnating the town slut.

But even if he sleeps around, there is no risk that he will be *called* the town slut, because that title is reserved for girls only. But I do agree with you on one thing: too many kids have their lives ruined by pregnancies they are not ready for. That is why a comprehensive sex education is so important. Telling your child to abstain is not enough. As you mentioned, you cannot control everything your children do, and it only takes one moment of "weakness".

Clothing and accesories. Baggy clothing that exposes a boy's bottom is NEVER acceptable. Baseball hats off the baseball diamond are NEVER acceptable. Baggy sweaters, no. Bling, no.

I actually totally agree, in the name of good taste.

Cellphones should be limited to the walkie-talkie type with preset numbers programmed by you, otherwise he may begin dealing drugs

Wow! When presented with the unbelievably strong temptation of a normal cell 'phone, you fear that your son might start dealing drugs! But making sure that your son is home by 8:30 is enough to ensure that he can resist the temptation of a girl who would like to have sex with him.

Some of the things in the behaviour section I agree with, especially with the parts about cleanliness and first impressions. Putting boys down by saying they are "fidgeters and slouchers" or have a "natural aversion to keep clean" I do not agree with. We live in a highly unnatural society. Our social rules are not in line with our natural inclinations. It is not right to *not* show the child how to cope with these rules, but I think it is wrong to teach your son that there is something wrong with *him*. Better to instruct the child on the benefits of being clean, sensible, pleasant. Show him a society that of people to respect, and people that respect him. Humans are social animals. If you violently force (literally in your case) him into some mold that is totally against his nature, he will eventually reject it. The rappers with their fancy cell 'phones might seem more inviting to him!

Have a little trust in your children. They are not naturally nasty or bad. They do not deserve to be hit for no reason. They will not rot in hell if you take your eye off them for a second. They are curious, loving, playful, mischievous, insightful. Work on their strengths, show them how they can fit in, and still retain a part of themselves; how they are needed in society.

I'm wondering if you'll write another list for advice on how to bring up girls. Call me prejudiced, but based on the "wife" article I read, I don't think it is going to advocate "maths and finance" for girls, or any sort of independence and self-sufficiency. Please prove me wrong.

If I am not wrong, I will here make this observation: there is nothing natural about the social structure where a woman is obliged to provide constant food and sex to a man. There is nothing natural about a society where a man is obliged to keep a roof over her head and be responsible for all finances, even if it means risking his health and barely seeing his family (except when they are clean and scrubbed and talking in hushed voices and avoiding scraping the chair on the floor!)

Look at the effort to separate the "women's sphere" from the men's! Military discipline and a curriculum leaning "heavily on maths and finance"! This is how we get away with saying, "but men are naturally good with numbers, girls are not". This is how we segregate the sexes at work as well as at home. This is how people get away with paying nurses much less than plumbers. This is how women's work in the home is devalued too: men do work and get paid, women spend energy but don't get paid, therefore their efforts are not counted as work (and no, don't POUT if you gave your man a pre-meal snack he didn't like and he totally ignored your consideration).

Whew, would you believe this is the first comment I'm posting at a blog? I mean no disrespect for you as a person. You are free to make your choices. But I do think you are harming your children and those of others that may take your advice.

One final thing: by some quirk of genes and education, I have an aptitude for maths and science. I followed that inclination and ended up in a (well-paying!) "man's job". I am utterly grateful to my parents for insisting on a good education for me, in whatever field I was good at. Please allow your children the same consideration. They will always love and respect you for it.

At 22/4/06 2:44 AM, Anonymous Linden said...

This my second ever blog comment and it is to apologise for writing such a big comment. I didn't realise it was so long.
Maybe I ought to get a blog of my own.

At 22/4/06 7:27 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

You sure do have a lot to say! :)

I'll be following this article with one on how to properly raise girls next week.

I don't think you really have too much trouble with my advice. When I say that boys courses should be heavy on math, it's because I believe boys need to know these things in order to succeed in life. If he's a great writer...WONDERFUL! I didn't say to only allow math classes, that would be stupid.

The rest of your points, such as the cellphone...it's a fact that once teen boys get a cellphone, it will lead to him dealing drugs. Pagers are even worse than cellphones, though.

Women DO get paid for working in the home....they get paid with love and a strong family unit.

I'm sorry you don't see value in doing a job with no monetary recompense. Money is not a good way to place a value on yourself.

At 22/4/06 10:22 AM, Anonymous Linden said...

Women DO get paid for working in the home....they get paid with love and a strong family unit.

Nobody loves their mother any less just because she is working outside the house. And sometimes mummy not working can indeed make the difference between a strong family unit and a weak one, if means there will be no food on the table or the rent doesn't get paid. Whatever a woman chooses, whether to work outside or in the home, it should be her decision based on her skills, her inclinations and the situation of her dependants. To imply that she is harming her family, and that they love her less because she is working is emotional blackmail, and, if I may say so, a very un-Christian thing to do.

I'm sorry you don't see value in doing a job with no monetary recompense. Money is not a good way to place a value on yourself.

That is the exact opposite of what I said. I said consistent segregation of gender roles is allowing the unscrupulous to get away with devaluing the work of women. It could be a husband getting annoyed at the scraping of a chair (sorry, there is absolutely no getting over your other post!), or with the noisy children; while ignoring the breakfast she's cooked for him, and ignoring the fact that the children are clean, fed, and in good health. It could be a boss not giving a women a fair wage, because he thinks women don't need *real* money, they need pin money, and it is not like they can do anything about it. That is devaluing a woman's work both inside and outside the home.

Anyway, this was a bit of an eye-opener for me. Again, I mean no disrespect, but since you have given me things to think about, I would like to provide you with the same. May I urge you not to say "ah, a drug-dealer!" whenever you see a young man on a cell phone, or "ah, a prostitute!" whenever woman puts a brand of orange juice you don't approve of into her shopping basket, or even gives her husband a heartfelt kiss out of the blue (she's initiating sex!)

Looking forward to your (much longer) post on how to bring up girls.

At 22/4/06 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't get my husband to beat our sons pre-emptively. It's very frustrating. I'm tempted to solicit other males to perform this duty but I'm certain I'll get one hell of a whipping if I got another man to start filling in for my husband.

Any tips?

At 22/4/06 5:19 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...


Did you read the post? It's not punishment, a man doesn't need to do it.

At 22/4/06 5:24 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...


I'm glad you're looking forward to my next post, hopefully you'll learn something from it.

Women are forced to work outside the home because feminists ruined the social order that paid men a decent wage. With women in the work force, the family unit has been left in a shambles and if you don't see the result standing on the streetcorners, it's because you're blinded to it because of things like MTV and advertizing.

I don't really care if you like the advice, but thanks for commenting. I enjoy seeing how other people think. :)

At 22/4/06 7:55 PM, Blogger sohei said...

Acceptable music is classical, big band, and any music with Christian in the label.

Good advice. Here are some good wholesome Christian bands you can let your child listen without fear:

Christian Death
Jesus Lizard
Velvet Acid Christ
Creaming Jesus

But forget that Classical music. Those guys were all flaming poofs. The above bands and Christian Gangsta Rap is the way to go (look it up, it's real!) if you want your boy to be manly.

I also like the advice about the pre-emptive beatings! We can "beat them now so we don't have to beat them later." Some people might say that beating children without cause is child abuse. Nuts to that, says I! Fear is the only language children understand - they're just like little Muslamonazis.

At 22/4/06 8:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we should beat them in Iraq or some other foreign country ---maybe Canada would do --- so we don't have to beat them at home.

At 25/4/06 1:09 PM, Blogger Butler Thomas said...

A certain small group of angry, militant anti-Christian liberals have taken it upon themselves to harrass Annie Angel across the internet. Although we cannot control such behavior in other fora, we shall not allow such behavior to be carried on here. Harassing spam will be immediately deleted.

At 25/4/06 3:43 PM, Anonymous Linden said...

Although "militant" and "anti-Christian" would never apply to me, I do occasionally get angry, since I am human. And "liberal" seems to mean something different in US right-wing blogs from the rest of the world. So I'm not sure the shoe fits. I believe I have been polite in my comments. Nevertheless, it would be great if you had a policy page, outlining what is deemed inappropriate. For example, which of the following would get a comment deleted?

Swearing or name calling;
bad grammar, spelling;
off-topic post;
providing counter-examples;
pointing out logical fallacies;

At 25/4/06 8:55 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...


If you haven't had a post removed it wasn't your post that was removed.

Comments which directly attack the commentators in vulgar or disgusting ways or which are intended to smear the character of the commentators are removed.

You're fine, most posts are fine. But some people are nothing but stalking trolls who don't understand the difference between good attention and bad attention, they just want attention. :)

At 27/4/06 7:33 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Hey Jeff, you're the asshole who trolled my blog! You ignored the serious topic and you think you're going to get to post here?

Rot in Hell, unbeliever!

At 27/4/06 2:56 PM, Blogger Demented M said...

Why do you swear? I'm curious. That seems pretty uncouth and unladylike.

Or will the post on raising girls feature the pros of a girl who can scream f*ck long and loud? Does that make Jesus happy?

I can't reconcile the swearing with the Christian rhetoric. As a minster's daughter, I can't think of any uber-Christians that swore.

I do though. I lived in a slum for a while and swearing was a way to blend in and not get my ass kicked by the various neighborhood gangs. But I'm not an uber-Christian, so you're stil the first one I've known of.

My two brothers with cellphones never dealt drugs, but the brother who didn't have one did. I wish it were so easy as simply banning cellphones.

Faith may save your soul, but it doesn't save you from pain and loss and the choices of others. You can't 'save' yourself from pain by attempting to use extreme rhetoric as a means of control.

But I hope it works out for you, because if it doesn't, it'll be really, really bad and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


At 27/4/06 3:29 PM, Blogger Jill said...

I've been internally debating as to whether your posts are sheer folly or honesty, and its almost brought me to tears with amusement.

However, you mention classical Music. Now, I love classical music, but I'm certain Tchaikovsky would be against your christian values you promote, since he was a homosexual.

Well, at least you made me laugh.

At 27/4/06 4:18 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Classical music will therefore make a boy homosexual? Now THAT'S a stretch!!

At 27/4/06 6:53 PM, Blogger Yin said...

Are you serious? This blog - it's a joke right? A parody?

At 27/4/06 7:15 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

If one more person asks me that I swear I'm going to SCREAM!

At 27/4/06 9:11 PM, Blogger Jill said...

No, listening to classical music would not make a boy gay, however, wouldn't encouraging Tchaikovsky be at the very least be accepting of a homosexual lifestyle?

Seriously though, I don't blame anybody for taking this as a joke.

At 27/4/06 9:13 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

What the FUCK is wrong with you? How boring and empty is your life that you have to come on here and hate on homosexuals? I won't stand for it. You're sick and need help.

Try Fred Phelps, he's more your style, sicko.

At 28/4/06 12:55 AM, Blogger Bila said...

I find this list very paradoxical indeed. I'm sure that this is all "ideal" in your eyes, but I just wonder how you've come to get all of these impressions in life? I mean, I certainly wish that life could sometimes be defined with black-and-white rules but that rarely ever happens. No dogma, set of rules...really NOTHING can prepare you for what life throws at you sometimes.

But moving on to your list. I think it's rather humorous that you believe that children should be exposed to classical music only. I know that's a blanket term for a lot of things, but in your eyes, I just suppose you think it's something played by an orchestra that lasts for more than five minutes. A lot of those famous works were created to charter revolution and the men that wrote them certainly had, shall we say, a disposition for highly questionable acts?

You also say that rap music is demeaning to women. Honestly, the way you speak of the way women should act towards their husband is only encouraging that message. Sex on demand? Your actions taking a cue from the husband? Doesn't that sound a whee bit demeaning to you?

#2+#10 seem contradictory to me as well.

#2 particularly scared me because in other terms, you're just physically abusing your child and calling it love. Did you know that one of the environmental causes of schizophrenia and multiple-personality disorder all stem from that kind of parenting? A child hardly knows what to think of such actions from a parent and begin to find other ways to cope.

At 28/4/06 8:20 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Boy who listen to rap dress like thugs and call women "ho's." Children are VERY susceptible to influences other than their parents and what a better way to rebel than to play loud mysogynist music and to take on phrases and terms from the music. Thing is, it becomes part of their ENVIRONMENT because rap is a little mini culture of crime and sex all of it's own.

Raising a child in competition with a criminal culture is just dangerous and irresponsible.

At 28/4/06 3:32 PM, Blogger dca_80 said...

Do you have any sorts of research or stat about the correlation between drug dealing and cell phone use?

At 29/4/06 2:29 AM, Blogger Jill said...

Actually, I don't hate homosexuals. I've long been a supporter of the homosexual rights movement.

I'm just curious how you can encourage Tchaikovsky when he's homosexual. Your values are stating that rap music and cell phones encourage drugs. You want children to be raised by good 'wholesome', Christian teachers, so why would you think it would be appropriate to listen to music by a homosexual?

I, personally, have nothing against them, I'm just curious as to your opinions on them.

By the way, Fred Phelps is a fucking sicko who shouldn't recieve any sort of media attention.

Can you please not simply assume something about me next time? I'd really appreciate it.

At 29/4/06 10:40 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Can you stop assuming that Tchaikovsky turns boys homosexual? I don't think you can catch gay through instrumental music.

My opinions of "them"? "Them" being homosexuals? What opinion, I'm a bit confused...my opinion on homosexual WHAT? I'm not about to have an opinon on "them" because "they" are an varied and diverse group of people.

You're a BIGOT! I'd appreciate you lay off the gay bashing.

At 29/4/06 12:13 PM, Blogger Ern said...

I don't believe it is a FACT that cell phones lead directly to drug dealing by teenagers. If you have a reference for that, I'd be interested to know it.

Also, I am a Christian. I am also a liberal. (I know, on this website that "liberal" generally means bad person, but so be it.) I find it offensive when other Christians tell people to rot in hell, and seem to relish the telling. That doesn't seem very Christian to me. It doesn't bear any resemblence to Christ's love. It doesn't draw people closer to God, it chases them away.

At 29/4/06 5:45 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

You want a reference? Check out the thugs standing on the streetcorners for NO REASON who are always talking on cell phones and leaning into cars that stop for a few seconds. WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY ARE DOING? A teenager does NOT NEED to be able to call anyone he wants on his phone, it's purpose is to keep him SAFE.

Dealing drugs is NOT SAFE.

At 29/4/06 8:01 PM, Blogger Lazy Lightning said...

I agree with Ern - if it's a fact, there should be studies that prove it. Stats. Articles. You know?

I agree with you: Most drug dealers have cell phones and the majority of drug dealers are men.

However, most male and female college students and many high school students have cell phones too. And while maybe some are, they are not all drug dealers.

At 29/4/06 8:15 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Yeah, like drug dealing teen thugs are going to participate in your "study."

Not every child with a cell phone will deal drugs, but they sure are a "gateway" to dealing. If your kid listens to rap he does drugs and if he listens to rap and has a cellphone with uncensored calling abilities, he WILL start dealing to pay for his habit.

College students are not teenagers and are not the subject of the advice given here. Once they're out of the house, they need to rely on the values you've instilled in them as children to make their own decisions.

I should of course have added in the artice that the internet for other than school work should be forbidden, email should NEVER be allowed and ALL internet use should be monitored.

At 30/4/06 5:37 AM, Blogger priestofroadkill said...

how can you say that if someone listens to a certain genre then they automatically do something? like rap and drugs, there anre many rappers out there that try to teach children (because it's theyre main market) to stay away from drugs by telling the kids what happened to them and how much it sucked.
also, how could you assume someone who does drugs is going to start dealing? i know many a person, myself included, who does/did drugs, i have included myself because i choose not to buy drugs but if someone offers me a joint i'm not going to say no. doing this does mean i am a junkie, nor a drug dealer.

why should email never be allowed? it seems like a perfectly good medium for sharing information such as school projects (since i use it for such things ALOT) i have alot of school projects, as i go to one of the most demanding schools in the uk.
ok, i agree with you that the internet should be monitored, thats only reasonable for young children, once they are able to make their own decisions, and are able to take the repocussions then they should be able to not be watched while on the computer. there's nothing saying you cant check up, say once a week to see what sites the child has been on.

At 30/4/06 10:46 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Once a WEEK? Yeah, that will stop them from unseeing the porn or the garbage like rotten.com, as long as you check once a week!

And you don't think these little bastards can hide their tracks? They have been raised with the technology, they're way smarter than YOU when it comes to computers.

At 30/4/06 7:06 PM, Blogger ComTech5 said...

You have to be kidding.
Your child would go insane before he would reach the age of 16, meaning he would never have gone on a date.
I definately think this is the most insane way you could ever raise a child.
Church is all well and good, however raising a child this way could lead to serious mental problems.

At 30/4/06 8:32 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Really? This advice is probably way more liberal than the way your Grandfather was raised. And I bet he's a very nice man with strong values and a good moral character.

You don't say what your problem is with the advice, you just trash it as insane. Why would a boy go insane without going on a date before 16? Why is it that he needs to date so badly? What purpose does the dating serve? You make it sound sexual, as if to a young boy the purpose of a young girl should be to allow herself to be used sexually to assuage his frustrations?

At 1/5/06 7:34 AM, Blogger Kirsten said...

Rules should be stressed in ways to instill the fear of God into the child, remind him God is watching him at all times and make up a few stories about bad little boys who disobeyed their parents.

Yes, making up lies to scare children is a very Christian way to behave.

At 1/5/06 8:13 PM, Blogger Natalie said...

This IS a joke blog right? Do people really think this way?

At 2/5/06 4:15 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Encouraging anyone to leave a son at a boarding or military school even over breaks and holidays --alone with no family to love him - is unspeakably cruel. I suggest you re-read your Bible and start acting in accordance with its mandate - love is the most important attribute for a Christian. Please stop attempting to espouse Christian values - because you evidence nothing of the sort. Your blog contains profanity and an angry, bitter and condescending attitude. None of this is condoned by Christianity. Again, I encourage you to see a professional licensed counselor to work through your obvious anger and unhappiness.

"If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give away all my possessions, and if I hand over my body so that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing." (NRSV, 1 Corinthians 13:1-3)

"Those who say, "I love God," and hate their brothers or sisters, are liars; for those who do not love a brother or sister whom they have seen, cannot love God whom they have not seen. The commandment we have from him is this: those who love God must love their brothers and sisters also." (NRSV, 1 John 4:19-21)

At 2/5/06 9:02 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...


I hate women like you. Women who are most likely WHORES but who spout off like hypocrites in condescending tones about what IS and what ISN'T. I offer advice, you offer judgement.


At 2/5/06 10:05 AM, Blogger Julie said...

I read somewhere that your blogs are a big joke - that it's all a big farce. Frankly, I don't find it funny even as absurd as it is. I still believe you would benefit from counseling through a licensed professional. Get the help you need. It may be a big joke, and I know you will write that it isn't to keep your game going, but people see through it. I encourage you to do what a real Christian would do which is take down the blogs as they in no way represent Christ's mandate to show love in all you do. As farfetched as it is that anyone would actually follow any of your advice, there are people out there who may be real-life abusers of their children and this only would reinforce to him/her that she doesn't need to change. That is wrong. No real Christian would attack others the way you do. I'll be praying for you in private. Good bye.

At 2/5/06 10:57 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Woah, too many posters at once, Julie very sorry I confused you with BUBBLES. I'm sure you're a wonderful mother, unlike BUBBLES.


At 2/5/06 10:59 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

That said....you don't judge me, Jesus does. Have a nice day, and please REPENT! Your pride will trip you up eventually if you don't, you need to be humble and remember you are not Christ.

At 12/5/06 6:20 PM, Blogger calculator said...

I have to say that I disagree with you. To start off I am atheist for reasons all my own. I am 17 that is all I am going to tell you. Striking your pre-emptively Does not teach them cause and effect, the child simply knows he is going to be beaten and this punishment is unavoidable. What if the child is good that day your effort is wasted and the child is punished for no reason, and it is punishment. There is no indication that owning a cell phone will lead to drug dealing. I have met plenty of people with cell phones and none dealed drugs. Furthermore A child should not be sent to boarding school unless desire to do so. you're ripping them from the family, but you are trying to promote family here in your list. Rap music does not lead a child to hating women, and having sex, and doing drugs, and cussing. I am a straight A student with hopes of going to MIT and a good shot at it also. I don't do drugs, and I have good friends. Women should not be kept in the house to do tend to the house and family. They have the right to get educated and get a job just like everyone else, there is equality among sexes.Friends should not be chosen by parents. What if your child is different from you, and they do not get along with the child. They will never obtain social skills as they will not by not being allowed to date or go out past 8:00 either. "Children should be seen not heard" They have every right to speak their mind as adults do. A child has opinions that must be heard because anyone can change the world forever. A child should also be allowed to choose their own religion it should not be forced on them. Punishment can be carried out by anyone they respect, and "respect your elders", what if their is an elder that is a drunken bum and can't do anything for themselves, just something to think on. A child should be able to choose their own clothes, but I agree with presentable clothes. They should simply be talked to about looking nice, and then it is their decision. I hope this isn't too long, and please post this because both sides of the story should be heard.

At 13/5/06 1:27 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Have you ever heard of paragraphs?

At 13/5/06 3:18 PM, Blogger calculator said...

Why don't you stop ridiculing me and actually try to debate me.

At 13/5/06 4:04 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Because at 17 you think you know everything and won't listen to anything anyone says. You need guidance and obviously your parents aren't giving it to you.

I'll pray for you, but I won't get into a debate with a child, especially about this.

At 14/5/06 11:28 AM, Blogger calculator said...

I know I don't know everything that is why I strive to learn as much as possible and I realize that shit is fucked up and you have to deal with it. People like you cause the world to be fucked up. I am not a very moral person at all, I would screw somebody over so bad as long as it benefited me, but it has to have a purpose. Beating your child pre-emptively solves nothing if they don't know what for.

At 14/5/06 11:38 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

You've just proven my point. You're extremely immature and are in dire need of proper role models.

As I've stated, I will not debate with you, but if you need advice on anything, let me know.

At 30/6/06 12:46 AM, Blogger rose said...

So are you saying I should have spanked my son every day, because he was a boy and I can't catch him doing all that he does wrong because he is a boy? Also to send the boy to military school or some school similar. They may also keep him during the holiday to make them feel more at home? I do believe that there is a better place to call home. We schooled both our children together and both are fine. Though I do believe with my son he would have come out a bit silly in the head if I did all those things. Then my daughter would have come out in the things she enjoys. Our daughter is a 4.5 gpa. Science, Math and homec are some favorite of hers. Computer was another. Ag. She is going to graduate from high school next year and part of her classes will be at college. She also has gone on dates. She can also keep her legs closed because she actually has a brain to realize that marriage should come first, because pregnancy and many other things can happen to a person that engages in activities they aren't mature enough for. In our family if you have a wedding ring on your figure and a license in you file cabinet then you have been mature enough to make a life commitment.

spank a boy each day because we don't see all that he may or may not have done wrong. You weren't serious were you?

Our son is 18 now. has worked 2 jobs and gone to school since he was 15 years old. listen to the music he likes, believes in God and pays his own bills (i'm not talking video games. Any bills that any other man would pay.
I didn't spank him each day.

Were you really serious? You were actually just screwing with peoples heads right?

Also I have a bit of wonder on this of calling others unbelieves and not christian. Have you asked them in they believed Jesus Christ was their Lord and Savior that he died on the cross for their sins and on the 3rd day he rose again? Have they all said no?

God Bless

At 30/6/06 9:48 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

A 4.5 gpa??? Impressive!!!

I really don't understand your post, you are really just rambling on about your kids and how you make your son pay your bills or something.

Your last paragraph is just strange, but then again, so are you.

God Bless you too, Rose. Rambling Rose, LOL!

At 12/8/06 10:21 AM, Blogger kitty said...

Readers can take or leave advice as it applies to them. I have come to the conclusion that AnnieAngel has got a sense of humor that not everybody appreciates. I do agree on a lot of what she says; I may not have before I had a child, but I do now. They will do what they can get away with. And what sort of decisions is a young adult going to make if their parents did not instill values and a proper upbringing? Children love God. A child's parents can nurture that love or attempt to snuff it. My ex-husband is an atheist and is fighting me tooth and nail for custody of my seven-year-old son. He says he wants his son to make his own decision about religion when he is of age. Bullshit. How can you make a decision when you have no religion at all? You end up with a big hole in your gut because we all need to be close to God. That's one thing logic and reason cannot explain. My little boy wanted to go to parochial school and I was more than happy to get him started last year and it's been great. ` You don't have to dissect her narrative. Just look at the big picture. It's our duty to be their parents, not their buddies.

At 31/8/06 2:11 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Amen, Kitty.

I hope you have a good Christian lawyer, don't give an inch to your ex.

At 18/12/06 3:24 PM, Blogger jknolt said...

I just joined this blog and thumbed through this article on "Raising Good Christian Boys" I personally don't think it's appropriate to keep our children from life as a means of keeping them from sin.

At 20/12/06 12:35 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

"keep our children from life"

Just what does that mean? Do you even know? If you think drugs, drinking and sex is life, then your life is empty.

I hope you don't have any kids!

At 10/1/07 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you suck lady, your rules are made by a dipshit who diserves to go to a federal prison, you are the type of person who thinks all boys are interested in is doing drugs, having sex, and getting into trouble, you are the one who caused the war, and the reson kids rebel, you are the reson that there is crime in this world, and I think your methods are unchristin I am a christin and you do not qualify, you would be kicked out of the churches I examin, I am the head of three churches in my area, I think you are the resone kids go to school with guns, to escape people like you.

At 14/1/07 12:54 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

You are the reson(e) kids go to school with guns. You are not a christin, you are an illiterate fool.

Your insane rambling made me laugh, thanks for that. But please, please, never reproduce. Thanx.

At 22/1/07 7:41 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Comments are closed, there are too many idiots responding.

At 23/1/07 11:40 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

People who claim:

A) to be a genius
B) to be starting Yale tomorrow
C) to have read the post and all comments

are obvioulsy lying on all counts when they post after being told the comments have been closed.

I mean, lol!

At 25/1/07 2:11 PM, Blogger deathmetalsatan said...

[sarcasm]YAY!!!! ive been looking for an article on how to create a homosexual robot out of my child...[/sarcasm]

you seem to think that the things that normal people do are corrupting children. its communist whores like you who corrupt the youth.

At 25/1/07 2:34 PM, Blogger insanebolonga said...

What do I do about masturbation? I caught my son masturbating, and for the past 3 weeks I have been watching him, standing in his room making sure he doesn't do that nonsense anymore. What do I do?

At 25/1/07 3:04 PM, Blogger I_Love_SATAN said...

You are a judgemental Bitch and should burn in hell, Fuck you religion and fuck you. and insane to answer your question, masturbation is normal, let the kid live you stupid slut.

At 25/1/07 3:09 PM, Blogger I_Love_SATAN said...

Your son is going to grow up to be a pyscho-fuck that rapes small woodland creatures and 5 year old boys. Your telling people how to fuck with there kids until there life if completly ruined. Fuck you with a large steak knife.

At 25/1/07 8:41 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...


It's obvious you children are lacking in parental guidance and are acting out in such a manner because you crave the type of parenting I have written about in this article.

I feel sorry for you kids, I really do. You seem the type who throws eggs, rotten ones even, at the homes of decent folk and don't know why, and then you go back to your trailers to get ignored by your drunken mothers.


I'm sure most of you never knew your fathers and I almost want to cry. You boys need discipline, and you are in such pain that you come over here almost screaming out for help.

You should talk to someone who can help you, a teacher, someone at your Church, someone who can help you place your feet onto the right path.

Because right now, you are going nowhere fast, you will end up in jail, or dead before you're 21st birthday (and in Hell).

Please seek the help you need. There is a better life out there for you, but no one will hand it to you. You need to work for it.

I'll pray for you little bastards. I really will. If I have time.

Love, Annie

At 12/3/07 11:30 AM, Blogger Suki said...

Hey AnnieAngel

I was directed to your blogs from another site. At first I thought it was a spoof (until I saw the comments), but I won't bug you about that. What I will ask is: how can you label people as sinners when you're one too, or when you're equal to them? You also called them whores, but I shan't call you one, 'cause that's just rude.

At 25/3/07 6:15 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Hey Suki, I just saw your comment.

I dunno if you're still around, but I never once said I wasn't a sinner. We are all sinners.

I'm not perfect, I'm just forgiven.

Most of the sinners who comeon here and spew their vileness all over my blog revel in their sin, they enjoy their sin and they have no intention of repenting.

I am not equal to that. I'm better. I'm saved.

Hope this helps!

At 9/4/07 2:31 PM, Blogger the man said...

WTF you piece shit you are the most ill informed person ive ever seen if you want to raise proper chldren you dont have to suffocate them just keep a eye on them and if you teach them properly at a young age then you should be fine later on the only thing ur trying to creat is a drone that'll never know the meaning of the word freedom our society is based on the priciple of freedom such as press and speech 4 example whar ur doing is teaching them to think the wayyou do and thats not freedom thats mind control and if every1 starts thinking the same or pressureing others to think the same as they do then there goes our freedoms not only that but your disriminating against blacks saying that all of them are convicts arnt you guys supposed to be accepting to all people but your not so far guys need to enjoy there youth other wise they'll be bitter there whole life and thats no good for any1 well thats it im done dont bother responding to this im on my friends account so if you do respond ill never c it and it'll have been a wast of time on your part

At 28/4/07 9:19 AM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...


At 28/4/07 3:39 PM, Blogger hersheygrl8 said...

oh my i feel so sorry for any poor little boy that has to go through that beating.

i know a girl with 3 kids, her two boys are so sweet and nice, and her daughter is a monster.

it is possible for boys to be good kids, do you hate boys, annieangel?

At 28/4/07 3:47 PM, Blogger hersheygrl8 said...

beating your children is called child abuse. if i found out someone was doing that to their child i would call the police. i hope you never have access to children, they dont need to be black and blue.

At 6/5/07 10:58 PM, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Boys need to be trained into being good kids. Children should never be "black and blue." That's just a given.

I hope you never have access to that little girl who you term a "monster."

Children are reflections of their parents, and the people who you choose as friends are a reflectiuon on you.

You make me sick that you would call a little girl a monster, why do you hate children??

At 14/6/07 12:02 AM, Blogger Zac said...

Is it ok if I use a tire iron to beat by son with when he doesn't brush his teeth?

At 14/6/07 2:11 AM, Blogger Chris said...

I once farted on the set of Blue Lagoon.

At 15/3/09 10:36 AM, Anonymous Laura W said...

I'm still not convinced this isn't one big joke.
You seem so hypocritical, you encourage violence against children, swear like a trooper, make random accusations against anyone who dares to disagree with what you say and yet still see yourself as a good Christian? It just doesn't make sense to me.
My parents took me to church from a very young age and i just don't see how your points fit in with a Christian lifestyle.
Beating your children?
I can't even begin to imagine how this can be considered what Christ would approve of.

As for your mobile phone argument- it's absolutely ridiculous. In fact so ridiculous i don't really feel the need to point out quite how wrong you are.

I am an 18 year old Christian and just find you absolutely offensive. People like you give religion a bad name.

At 31/3/09 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not right.

At 27/5/09 10:51 PM, Anonymous Joseph Driftwood said...

I can't believe that this is written by a sane human being. I just can't.

Did you inherently hate your children when they were born? What kind of mentally stable person advocates child abuse, even when they don't do anything wrong? You obviously don't see the consequences this will have when your son(s?) in adulthood. In case they are adults now, are they happy? Do they thank you for hitting them on a daily basis just for existing?

You also come to the conclusion that boys with cell phones will undoubtedly become drug dealers. Every child has a cell phones these days, so they must all be rich from the drug money, right?

The amount of control you insist parents have over there children is insane. How socially retarded do you want your sons to be? You obviously don't want them to be happy, because you don't want them to experience true love with a woman; a relationship that is based mutual respect and understanding, and compatibility. You seem to think the only reason two people should marry is to restart the whole cycle over of child abuse, neglect, and sheltering. Nor do you believe they should have a social life of any kind. God forbid they should befriend someone that has a different background then yourself! If he meets an atheist that listens to rap music, God may smite him!

I have yet to read the article on raising girls, which I'm assuming will be more disturbing than this one...

At 9/6/09 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annie Angel
I have read this entire blog
You are the most corrupt "christian" I have ever heard of.
your such a hypocrite.
I am also a Christian, but I don't go around telling people are sluts and that everyone is going to burn in hell besides me and all of that other shit. oh, by the way, your blog on what good christian boys should do is just ridiculous. If boys cant have sex before their married, which I totally believe in, I have a purity ring, then atleast let them releive themselves by using masterbation. nothing in the bible says thats bad. Lust is however, but just dont let your child look at porn.
If my son that I am going to have someday were to go through this above, he would become some rampaging creapy rapist.


ps. Im 17 years old.

At 10/6/09 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly, I'm not sure if this blog is still active, but I really feel the need to comment. Firstly, you Angel person, your advice is based solely upon your own point of view and almost none of it is taken from the Bible...

Other than that, you actually condemn and condescend others, seriously what kind of a Christian does that? Sure, you can claim I am judging you, like you did Julie, but let me offer a verse from Matthew, which obviously you should have read before.. Mt5:22. Check it up, whatever the version the meaning is clearly understood.

Actually, Annie, when I think you're a nice enough person that would actually devote some of your time to preaching and spreading the Good News, but when I read the comments and your post about raising boys(which I found quite disgusting because of the preemptive beatings), I've had a change of mind.

Anyway, being a Christian, aren't you supposed to teach through example? People are atheists because they meet people that spread the Good News like you! Yes, Annie, you are carrying out the will of God to spread the news to everyone (Acts 1:8), but I think the method of preaching you have adopted is somewhat... ineffective(in a much,much milder adjective than intended). So please, try to change, show more love to your brethren.(1 John 4:20)

God bless.

At 4/8/09 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously Annie is making fun of that which she does not understand sucking lots of people's time and laughing "her" if it is infact a her butt off!
Read the Word of God people and get on with life.
Find the Truth or you will settle for this crap!

At 12/12/09 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this some kind of a joke or are you trying to re-enact the medeival era? I am an 19 year old and while I do listen to some classical works from Bach, Handel and Rachmaninoff, I do believe that it is an outdated means of entertainment as much as slavery is an outdated form of labour.
You also said that boys should only be exposed to math and finance. I strongly disagree. A boy of 10 dreams of becoming an astronaut, then of being a lawyer by the time he is 11 and his dream occupation changes with every book he reads or movie that he watches! It would certainly not be of any good to our society if parents were to dictate that no son of theirs is to think about health sciences as a profession or even auto mechanics.
I personally believe that your list was an outrage and I certainly hope that parents would think before taking such advice from 'authorities' like yourself. I do not believe that any of it would lead to a christian upbringing.
If this is the way you raise your children, then please stop because it has as much signs of christianity as slavery did...in case you are not aware, slavery had absolutely no authentic ties with christianity or any form of morality for that matter!

Thank you

At 15/3/10 1:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a joke right?.....If not you need to be exorcised or something to believe this crap. I think the problem lies with you...you have fear ruling your life if you believe that belting your child daily will get him on the straight and narrow..

At 26/3/10 8:56 AM, Anonymous Pauline said...

lol im becoming quite the fan of your infamous post and i must agree that the mom shouldnt beat hte son not only is it degrading to him, but when he gets older and bigger than you...watch out, thats why daddy-dearest should always do that

At 29/3/10 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you people serious? I couldn't read all of this but you are seriously advocating smacking your children before they have done anything wrong? Is this Christianity or a cult? That's sick, your children are going to spend the better part of their adult life on a psychiatrist's couch because of all this brainwashing you've done to them, it's insane!

At 11/4/11 10:02 PM, Blogger siena said...

Wow, people. Here in lies the problem, people. People are not perfect. That includes all us God fearing Christians. I am trying to raise my children to make good choices. To be honest, have empathy,good morals, and a future. Forgive me for being so disillusioned that I lean on the word of God for Guidance. I should instead let her fall prey to whatever the people around her FEEL like doing or saying and think is politically correct. I'm sure she'll be just fine. Actually I am sure, because I lean NOT on my OWN understanding but GOD. Who actually thinks they know better than our creator? Really? You are spectacular then, good for you.... enjoy that.

At 4/6/11 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I read this, I honestly thought it was a joke. I am a Christian woman, by God's grace and mercy, and I am deeply saddened that someone would feel that this is Biblical advice. Every parent must decide for themselves how best to raise their own children based on the unique needs of each child and by submitting to God's will. If the parents love eachother as God intended and pray for His wisdom, they will make the right decisions. I certainly do not agree we should send our children away to boarding school for someone else to raise! Children are a blessing and a gift from God to not only teach them God's ways and love but to enjoy them as well.

At 30/11/11 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this a joke??

At 17/5/12 2:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're being a little lenient with these rules, although I can imagine they do a fairly good job of raising a good, christian boy. Perhaps you could go further into HOW to discipline a boy. My husband and I like to be quite active with the discipline we give him, so we will often lock him in the bathroom or the basement for 24 hours or so, with just a bible, jug of water and bucket (Ahem, might not go into detail for what the bucket is for!). I know this may be looked down upon, but when he comes out he is truly sorry for what he has done!

At 20/8/12 12:26 PM, Blogger iammrhappy said...

I can't believe this bullshit. YOU need to get laid and relax. Get the fuck out of here with your biased parenting bullshit. NO ONE ASKED YOU. Get the fuck off the internet and go fuck yourself. Fucking southern baptist charismatic fuck face.

At 5/3/13 9:04 AM, Blogger mom said...

This is an absurd blog...Ive been a christian for 35 years and I cannot believe what I am reading. Go read your bible again..........


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