Monday, May 15, 2006

How To Covertly Convert Unbelievers

As Christians we are called to spread the Good News of Christ wherever we go. It's our Great Commission, our duty to God. Most people think that in order to do this you must approach the unbelievers face to face and interact with them on a personal level.

But this isn't true, actions speak louder than words. I've made a list of some easy ways you can spread the Word unobtrusively as you go about your daily affairs. While you may not convert everyone right away, you've made them think about God without realizing it, and Jesus only needs a tiny opening in a hard heart to enter into it and lodge there forever!

1. Sing a happy song. One of the easiest things we as Christians can do to spread the good news is to sing or hum or whistle songs of praise wherever we go. Pick catchy tunes like, "I have decided to follow Jesus," or the one about the Ark and how "the animals they came, they came in twosies, twosies." People hear a catchy tune and they start singing it to themselves and soon they're humming it out loud. Think about it, they'll actually pass the tune to someone else who will pass again, and so on! Praise Jesus!!!

2. The ten foot rule. Anyone within ten feet of you is fair game. If someone sneezes, say, "God Bless You" and smile, while making eye contact. At stores, if someone is in front of you, say, "Marcia! I missed you in Church on Sunday!" When she turns around, you of course say, "Oh I'm sorry I thought you were someone else! From behind I could have sworn you sat in front of me in Church!" Then you'll both laugh and she'll feel good all day, and maybe think about actually going to Church herself.

3. Pay with a check. You can have them custom designed to include Bible quotes and to have pretty Christian backgrounds. You'll hold up the line, so make sure not to take too long and be sure to smile and speak to the person behind you. Compliment her on something. She'll notice your check and the quote, so will the cashier and the managers at the store, as well as at the bank. Pretty cool how many people you can touch with such a simple action, isn't it? You can also always say, "God Bless You," to the cashier instead of "thank-you" or "have a nice day."

4. Shop with a buddy. It's always nice to shop with a friend so plan your trips to Wal-Mart or other big retailers with another lady from your Church. Remember the ten foot rule and remember people love to eavesdrop. Plan a few conversations about something exciting that is coming up at Church like a picnic or other social event (mention there will be tons of food), or talk about how God's love touched someone you both know and made an amazing change in their life. Keep stressing that without God, the person would probably be dead or in jail right now. People can always relate stories like that to themselves or to someone they love. You just may plant a seed of hope in someone's life!

5. Sunday Brunch. After Church take the whole family out for brunch. Organize with others from your Church, fill half of the restaurant! There's no need to plan conversations, after Church everyone will be praising God and spreading the Word with their smiles and their happiness and their fellowship. Pick a buffet type place where you all can move around and people can see just how happy you all are to have Jesus in your hearts. Call each other Brother and Sister, show how all Christians are really just part of one big family, with God as our Father. Make sure you all say grace together with the oldest Brother or the Pastor speaking for all and praying for the Salvation of Sin, the unbelievers just may join in!! And what a better tip for the waitresses then the hope of Salvation? Praise God!

6. At home. Remember your children's friends may not come from a Christian home. If you make their visit to your home a Christian visit, you'll never have to actually speak to the child about Jesus directly. At meals when a friend is eating over, have your child say grace, something simple like, "Thank-you God for this food and for sending Jesus to die for our sins so we don't have to burn in Hell forever, Amen." If the friend is interested, they'll ask your child for further explanation, so make sure your kids pay attention in Sunday School! Also, Christian video games are still video games, and your child will play them with their friends if you make it available. Make it into a treat, give them some snacks while they play. And of course when you host sleep-overs, make sure your child says their prayers. Something like, "Now I lay me down to sleep..." will put the fear of God into any heathen child.

7. While out with your family. A Christian family is a happy family. It's important to make a good impression on others. When going on an outing, make sure that everyone is dressed in matching colors and that the kids are clean and polite. When at functions with non-believers, they will make references to how smart your kids are and how well-behaved. Make sure you respond with a smile but give the credit to Jesus. If the person has a child with disciplinary problems, they will inquire further into how you run your home. Invite them to your Church on Sunday, and tell them to bring their kids. If you've made a good impression, chances are they'll show up.

This is just a small list of how you can spread the Good News of Christ without getting into big long discussions with unbelievers. Be creative and come up with your own ways, it's easier than you think!

Monday, May 01, 2006

How To Raise Good Christian Children, Part 2

We all wish our children to grow up to be decent, loving adults who respect God and country. But this doesn't happen in a vacuum! For the ladies who've asked me for advice on how to properly raise a girl in today's society, I've written a list of easy to follow steps that I hope you'll find helpful!

1. Schooling. Ideally a girl should be homeschooled. However, this is a large responsibility for the parents. If you are not qualified to teach in certain areas, make sure to find someone who is! Ask at your church, they may have study groups led by members who are either teaching now, or are retired. Girls should be taught subjects which will help them run their future households. It's a good idea for a homeschooling mother to create a course based on her daily activities. This type of hands on learning will be invaluable to your daughter when she has her own home and family.

2. Very young girls should be spoiled by their parents to a point, especially their father. Do not reward tantrums or other bad behavior! However coyness and manipulation through smiles and charm are positive attributes which will make her life easier in the future.

3. Curfews for girls are a non-issue. They should ask your permission everytime they wish to leave the house, until they have married or have gone off to university. There is no need for a girl to be "hanging out" at the mall or on streetcorners. Your daughter should be involved in various activites outside of the home to balance the social aspect of homeschooling. These activities will allow her more than enough time outside of the home.

4. Friends. This is a very tricky issue. Girls are more easily influenced than boys, therefore you must be VERY CAREFUL when choosing her friends. All girls need a BestFriend. It's best to choose two girls who live close-by for your daughter to be friends with. This way she can choose which one she likes best and the other can be her fall-back friend. Choose girls who are shy, fat and unpopular. This will help to keep the boys away. And remember, you're not just choosing a friend, but you are choosing a friend's family. Make sure every child your daughter comes in contact with is from a decent, upperclass, Christian home.

5. Entertainment. To make sure your daughter does not lack in social skills, homeschooled children should be invloved in many activities outside of the home. These activities can double as her entertainment. If you involve her in a church social club, make sure you are also involved in the group. Young girls should never be left without chaperones if young boys are present, in any setting. The only way you can make sure she won't be is if you're there. NEVER allow your daughter to go to a "dance" even at the church. She'll get a reputation as a slut. She can dance at her wedding.

6. Dating. There is no excuse for allowing your daughter to "date." Period. It is the responsibility of the parent to keep their daughter away from boys. One date leads to more dates and pretty soon she'll be dating boys you don't approve of behind your back. Young boys are nothing but hormone machines and if you don't want your daughter knocked up by some heathen in a black leather jacket and a nose ring....keep her HOME and with you. Boys will say ANYTHING to get her into a sexual situation. Sometimes it only takes a smooth talking low-life hood one opportunity to fill her head with lies and to fill her belly with a baby. Maybe you think you can trust her...but you sure can't trust HIM! Her social activities will bring her into contact with boys in a proper setting, remember there is NO REASON for a young girl to be alone with a young boy EVER. Her reputation will suffer and no decent man will ever want to marry her.

7. Music. After friends, music is the biggest influence on young girls. The music scene these days is aimed at turning your pre-teen daughters into prostitots. The idols and icons for young girls are half-naked, whorishly made-up, sexually suggestive OBJECTS of fake woman-hood. The message geared toward teen girls is BE A SLUT! WOMEN = SEX OBJECTS! And not only that, but the music itself is just BAD! There's no need for young girls to listen to any music except classical, not even Christian "rock" or "rap." And of course, music videos are OUT of the question. It's also good to have a girl learn an instrument, like the piano and to be taught music appreciation.

8. Clothing and accessories. Young girls should dress like young girls, not like old whores. You are the person paying for the clothes, you should be the person choosing and purchasing the clothes. Her top should ALWAYS cover her belly, her chest and her shoulders. Skirts should never be higher than just above the knee and pants should button at the waist and not the hips. Clothes should fit properly, not be too tight or too baggy. Modesty is key. Make-up SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED. There is nothing more disgusting than a young girl with a face full of make-up. Unless it's a young girl with dyed hair. Leg shaving should NOT be allowed and neither should eyebrow shaping. THESE ARE LITTLE GIRLS!!! THEY ARE NOT FASHION MODELS OR POP STARS! NO EAR PIERCING! NO FACE PIERCINGS!! NO BLEACHING, WAXING OR SUGARING!! NO HIGHLIGHTS! NO HIGH HEELS!! NO PURSES!! NO CELL-PHONES!! NO NAIL POLISH!! NO PERFUME!! This is all common sense.

9. Behavior. A little girl should behave like a little angel. She should not have fits of temper, nor should she pout or cry. She should be taught to be like a beam of sunshine, silent yet warm and glowing. She should always sit properly, stand properly and never fidget. She should always be clean and tidy and properly dressed. Her hair should always be neat and combed. When at public functions, she should never leave your side unless you give her leave and she should never speak unless someone speaks to her first. She should mimic the behaviors of her mother when greeting people and always remember her manners at the dinner table. She should keep her room clean and do so without being asked. Her use of the phone should be restriced to calls under two minutes and only during certain hours. She should never be allowed to answer the phone or to use the phone without permission. Her internet use should be carefully monitored with no email or casual surfing allowed.

10. Punishment. Punishment for girls should absolutely never be physical. Also, never punish a girl by giving her housework. Housework should be fun for a young girl, an activity that she associates with home and family and love, never with punishment. If your daughter misbehaves, take away priviliges such as visiting her church social group, or ask her to write you an essay on why what she did was wrong. It's fine for single mothers to punish their daughters, but if she is too wild and out of hand, dont' be afraid to call in the male relatives to put the fear of God into her!

11. Religous instruction. The best religious instruction for a young girl can be found through your church. Bible study with special focus on a woman's role in a Christian home is a wonderful example of the type of courses available to young girls through the church. Make sure she remembers that even though she may not like the rules, it is in her own best interests to follow them, to make sure that she will be a good future wife and mother and so that she will be making Jesus proud.

So there you go ladies! Hopefully you'll find some ideas in here that will help you to raise your daughters as proper young Christian ladies, so that in the future they can become productive members of society and wonderful wives and mothers!